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So last week we had the pleasure of having a lovely lady come in for her weekly facial appointment. While talking to her the subject of her age came up. If you saw her you would think she was 34 or 35 not more than that but she told me she would turn 48 in a couple of weeks . Of course she is beautiful but the most obvious thing about her is her youthful looking skin.

There is no need to point out that there is a great diversity among the people that live in NYC, so each person’s skin will have unique elements depending on their ethnicity and life style. People of Asian decent specially woman are admired for their flawless skin, like out lovely guest. Yes we agree it does have to do with genetics but it’s not only that!

I had to ask her what her secret was. She gets her cleansing facial every week  but if you are not kind to yourself there is only so much the facial can do. So after talking to her and doing some research we bring you The Asian Secrets to a perfect skin.

Drinking Tea

It is a great way to allow your body to eliminate all the toxins and things it doesn’t need.

Rice Water Cleanser and Toner

Boil some rice and use the water as a toner after washing your skin.

Frozen towels 

Use them after washing your face at nights it’s a method close your pores and make your skin firm.


Visit and expert to find the perfect facial for your skin type and keep yourself looking fresh and radiant.

Tell us if you have every tried these awesome asian beauty secrets !