Pretty woman makes exercises for the face isolated on white backAs time goes by our skin is the first one to suffer it’s effects.It becomes less firm an more tired looking this is perfectly normal because our body stops producing the same quantity of collagen and other elements that give it it’s youth.

The changes that occur are not only on our face but also on our neck, eyelids and body. Here is our top advice to prevent losing the firmness on your skin.

Use sunscreen

Being exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun damages your skin making it age and ultimately making it loose it firmness. Protecting your face and sun exposed body parts with sunscreen will prevent the awful effects.

Dramatic weight loss or weight gain

Dramatic weight changes have a big impact on the firmness of your skin. When you lose weight to fast your skin doesn’t have the time to tone itself, when you gain weight to fast you will stretch out your skin. We recommend you have a moderate weight lost and accompany it with exercise and weight lifting. When you are pregnant and have a dramatic weight gain keep your skin hydrated with coconut oil or organ oil.

Avoid Harsh Exfoliation 

Light exfoliation is recommended two to three times a week but we strongly advise against harsh exfoliation.