Do you want to look great for the holiday pictures and rock those holiday outfits? We have great advice for you to achieve that perfect holiday body perfection! Two words MINT TEA.

Here is why it works:

Reduces Apetit : Studies have shown that the strong smell of mint control hunger and sweet cravings. So when ever you have that sugar craving take a cup of mint tea.

Good for digestion: Mint is known to calm stomach pain and restore the natural movements of your colon.

Mint teas is know to have stomach healing properties y is rich in magnesian and vitamin C. But not only does it heal your stomach it also keeps you relaxed it is known that it can reduce stress levels by 20%. Stress is also related to weight gain it makes your metabolism slower  and rises cortisol levels in your body making hard to loose weight.

So start drinking up relax your self and let tos extra pounds fly away!