Among all the options we have for hair removal we believe waxing is the best one! It lasts longer, it’s more affordable than hair laser removal and its super quick and easy ummmm….. well if you go to the right place. But we won’t lie to you. Sometimes and depending on the sensitivity of your skin you will get the awful after Waxing Rash. Don’t panic it last only between 2 to 3 days, it is a small inflammation of the hair folliculs. Don’t let this stop you from getting fabulous smooth looking skin. Here is how to prevent and avoid the After Waxing Rash:

To Prevent

  1. Do not get waxed if you have a sun burn or your skin is already irritated . No respectable establishment would wax you anyway if they notice the waxing could harm you.
  2. After waxing avoid clothing that might rub against the waxed area causing irritation

After Treatment

  1. Apply a soothing ointment right after your treatment, it makes a world of difference we recommend an aloe vera cream or gel.
  2. If you already have your the rash an ointment that contains polymyxin B sulfate and bacitracin zinc will help reduce the inflammation of the follicles. You can purchase it in any pharmacy.

This few steps will improve your waxing experience for sure.

Happy waxing Cherish Body Family.