beautiful young woman with fruits and vegetables in shopping basket, isolated on whiteWe can already feel the Holiday spirit coming!! And this means maybe we will let our selfs go with the delicious food and drinks. This is totally ok ! Do not feel guilty… we only live once. So here we have some advice to restore your healthy body and skin this season. It’s super easy

Drink Water

I know you think we always say this but really , it makes such a huge diference. It will prevent your body from storing all those toxins and it will cleanse you inside out. It will help your skin stay hydrated and it will also prevent bloating of the body.

Hydrate your skin correctly

Applying body lotion but be done the right way. Try doing it right away after you shower this will seal the humidity and see your skin feeling soft and looking radiant. We recommend you stay away from lotions that have alcohol on them because those will have the opposite effect


Drinking alcohol affects the levels of potassium in your body. Low levels of it will make you feel tired. So when ever you get  a chance say yes to bananas and try to include fish in the holiday menu. You’ll feel stronger and it will keep you motivated to stay in the gym.

Let the Holidays Begin!!!