Happy new year Cherish Body Family!  We want you to start the year revitilized , healthy and ready  for anything that may come our way.  On today’s post we want to offer you some advice to start the year with a clean diet.

What is eating clean?

When we go to the super market we will find processed food everywhere making it harder to make a clean choice. There are different types of processes a food product will undergo and not all of them are bad. We just advice you to abstain yourself from consuming those products that have substances added to make their shelve life longer or those with artificial colors just to make them more attractive or prettier looking.

Some of the side effects of consuming these products are:

  • weight gain
  • high blood pressure
  • feeling tired
  • feeling sleepy
  • premature aging

Tips to start eating clean:

  • Eliminate refined white sugar from diet. We don’t only mean the sugar you add to your coffee. Refined sugar is present in soda, can foods, bread , candies, yogurt and box cereals. Keep in mind every 3 grams of sugar is a tea spoon of sugar  so imagine a small cook with 23 gr. of sugar what happens if you eat 3 cookies.
  •  Consume only whole grains like brown rice or quinoa
  • Reduce or stop you consumption of box cereals because they are saturated with sugar and have little or no nutritional value.
  • Watch out for the amount of salt there is in your food specially on cold meats, sala dressings and microwaveable foods.
  • Always read the labels of the food you buy , stay aways from those products with ingredients you can’t pronounce avid food with corn syrup it has been linked with insulin unbalances.